What should I do if the five -color plum grows?

Five -color plum is native to tropical America. After the introduction of my country’s breeding, the flower buddies found that even in the hot southern summer, they could grow rapidly. In the case of unclear habits, many flower buddies have long -colored plums! What should I do for the long five -color plum?

The sunlight in the tropical area of u200bu200bthe five -color plum is not enough. Therefore, how much is the five -color plums in the native tropical America, and how much you like it. It can be seen from the process of breeding of flower buddies in the southern my country. There will be a large number of rainy weather in the summer in the south. At this time, the five -color plum lacks light, so it starts to grow up, and does not follow the routine.

The five-color plum blossoming can be seen when there are too much nitrogen fertilizer. Flower friends are worried that the flowering period will spend too much nutrients, so the frequency of fertilizing the five-color plum has accelerated, the amount is increased, and even the amount of nitrogen fertilizer is added more. It’s! Nitrogen fertilizer can most urge plants to grow. If nitrogen fertilizers are applied, it is not only not conducive to flowing blooming, but also easily causes the plant.

The climate in most parts of the southern my country is the subtropical monsoon climate, and the area of u200bu200bGuangdong Hainan is a tropical monsoon climate. But because near the North Tropic, the temperature is naturally compared with the region in the North Cancer. Therefore, the temperature in summer may not be high. If the temperature is not high enough, the light is not sufficient enough, and the amount of watering is relatively large, it will also cause the five -color plum.

What to do if the five -color plum is long and how to deal with the rainy days in southern my country. It is difficult to fully light. At this time, I had to deal with water. Five -color plum is a water -resistant plant, but when the light is insufficient, the water is still small. Rain is continuous, and water control should be done in time. Just keep the pot soil.

Five -color plums that do not apply nitrogen fertilizer during the flowering period really require more nutrients, but it should be applied with liquid fertilizer, and it is mainly based on phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. Flower fertilizer, special fertilizer during flowering, is all possible, just do not apply nitrogen fertilizer.

Before beheading cutting cuttings five -color plum seedlings can be saved with light moisture or fertilization, and dwarf, but the long -term plant can only be used as a method of beheading cuttings. Trigger the top of the plant, cutting and maintenance. Roots can be issued 15-30 days.