What should I do if the corn stones fall off the leaves

Cornstone is also called Baihua Jingtian. It is a plant produced in Europe. The height of the plant is between 10 cm and 50 cm. The length of its leaves is between 6 mm and 12 mm. The front end will become red. The flowering period is from June to August. The flowers are white, but during the breeding process, friends and friends often encounter the leaf. Today we will understand what to do with the leaves.

The reason why the corn stones drop the leaves 1. Touch by mistake. The corn stones are very similar to the jade of the rainbow. When you touch the leaves with a little force, your leaves will break from the root.

2. There is a problem with the root. If there is a problem with the root, the plant will not absorb water and nutrients. Time will cause plants to drop leaves or other phenomena. The following three aspects that cause the root cause: 1. Watering too much or too little; 2. The breathability and permeability of the soil are too poor; 3. Excessive or too little fertilizer. Or have problems in these three aspects.

3. Nature fall off. Not only people have metabolism with animals, but also plants.

4. Lack of sunlight. When the light is too small, or placed in the dark place for a long time, the plant leaves are dropped.

How to deal with corn stones to check the environment of its growth according to the above reasons. It is a plant that likes the sun, but there is no big need for fertilizers. Just keep the fertile soil. It is more resistant to drought, but is very afraid of humidity and stagnant water.

If the falling leaves are relatively complete and full, it can be used for cuttings, and it is very good, cuttings are extremely simple.

Finally, I wish the friends of friends and friends happy, and friends and friends were happy.