Waxed cuckoo’s diseased and insect pest control

Lotal disease is a disease caused by fungi. It is mostly in the season when spring and summer alternate and autumn and winter alternation. Especially in the late spring, the disease is the most serious. The disease mainly occurs on the tender leaves and new buds. After the onset of the disease, the leaves will swell and swell, and the front of the affected area will be spherical. At the beginning, there will be light red spots, and then the spots will slowly turn brown and appear white powder on the leaf surface. After that, the plaques all turn dark brown.

Prevention and treatment method: Cut off the onset leaves as early as possible before the diseased spots are enlarged and produced white powder. Be careful not to put the diseased leaves in the pot soil, and stay away from the plants to burn. After removing the diseased leaves, spray the Demon Zinc Puppet solution to the plant for sterilization.

Leaf spots leaf spots are a common disease of wax leaf cuckoo, which are usually more incidence in the wet rainy season. At the beginning of the disease, some small brown spots will be born, and then the spots will gradually increase and the color will become dark, forming dark brown lesions. Black spots will appear on the plaque. Finally, the leaves will turn yellow and wither. Leaf spot disease has a great impact on the growth of wax leaf cuckoo, which will not only affect the flowering flow of this year, but also affect the formation of buds in the following year.

Prevention and treatment method: After the leaf swelling disease is found, the diseased leaves should be cut as soon as possible, and then the plant is sprayed to the plant for treatment.

This disease of leaf wax disease is generally caused by infection caused by aphids. When the disease occurs, the tip of the leaves will produce a layer of white or pale pink wax -like substances, causing the leaves to wither and fall off.

Prevention and treatment method: First of all, all the infected leaves must be cleaned up, and then sprayed copper -containing agents to the plant for treatment. Navigation can be sprayed with pesticides to prevent aphids and other similar pests.

The yellowing disease wax leaf cuckoo prefers the weakly acidic soil environment. If the soil is biased, the leaves will cause the leaves to be yellow necrosis; Another factors can cause a yellowing disease in wax leaf cuckoo. The prevention and treatment of yellowing diseases should be cultivated reasonably in daily attention.

Insects such as military pests often gather on the back of the leaves to suck juice, which will cause some white yellow spots on the diseased leaves and affect the growth of the plant. This disease can be sprayed with patented fluids such as sulfur sulfur to remove insects.

Short -bearded mites are generally reproduced in summer in summer, eating the juice of the plant. After the onset, the large leaves will fall off, which will affect the growth of the plants. Similar to the bee and the scale insects. Drugs can be used for insecticidal or manual removal. Usually pay attention to the ventilation and breathability of the environment, and spray drugs in time to sterilize and prevent rational maintenance.