The reasons and solutions of the long -lasting lotus lotus

The succulent plants are shorter and better. If it is long, its ornamental effect will be greatly reduced. Then, if the lipstick lotus is long, what should I do?

The reason for the long -lasting lotus lotus is of great significance for ultraviolet light for the growth of plants. Therefore, once the ultraviolet light is lacking, the lonor lotus will reduce the obstruction between the leaves through the length and increase the area of u200bu200bthe leaf surface area. Use.

Excessive nitrogen fertilizer of soil nitrogen fertilizer will accelerate the division of gel lotus cells. If its photosynthetic effect cannot keep up, the lipstick lotus will grow long, and it is relatively weak and easy to fall.

Watering too many times, and if the amount of watering is large, the stagnation of the lipid lotus stems will cause excessive water, which will cause long -term.

The solution of the long -lasting lotus lotus often opens the window and open the window. The scattered ultraviolet rays will come in from the window.

During the family cultivation of nitrogen fertilizers, you can apply less fertilizer to stimulate the resistance of gel lotus. If fertilization is applied, it is more based on phosphorus and potassium -based liquid fertilizer.

Control the amount of watering for gel lotus, watering should be dried through, minimize the number of watering times in summer and winter, place the gel lotus in the indoor ventilation, and keep the air circulation.