My fairy ball is soft, what about the long yellow spots?

The fairy ball has always been very easy to raise, but even if the fairy ball is easy to raise, sometimes some improper practices will make it problems. For example, the fairy ball is soft, and the fairy ball has a long macular …

What should I do if the fairy ball hair is soft? 1. Det more sunlight. Some of the reasons for the softening of the fairy ball is that there is too little light. Think about the origin of the fairy ball. Do you have to put it on the shadow?

2. The fairy ball is rotten. First of all, all the rotten parts of the immortal ball should be removed, then disinfected, dried under the sun, and replaced with a new pot soil. If the area of u200bu200brotten roots is too large, then give up …

What should I do if there is a macular ball in the fairy ball? 1. When the fairy ball is watering, if the sphere is wet and the moisture on the sphere is not dry for a long time, it will form macular. If the macular is not large, scrape the injured part, then disinfect it, and keep the fairy ball in the sun.

2. Among the types of fairy balls, Jin Hu is afraid of exposure, and Jin Hu will also cause macular. Therefore, there is Jin Hu in the home. If there is a macular, you can put the golden used in the cool and ventilated place for a period of time.

3. Watering the fairy ball too much will also grow macular, so it cannot be poured too much water, and the soil of the fairy ball should be loose and breathable, you can add river sand to the soil of the fairy ball.

4. The scars left after the red spider bite will form macular, so once the traces of the red spider are found, it is possible. Spray 1: 1000 every half month to 20 days. Spray the grams every half a month.

During the period of spraying the pharmaceutical agent, it is forbidden to water the plants for a long time to avoid being washed away; Essence