Frequently Asked questions about Lina Lotus

What to do with rotten roots: After the rotten roots in Lina Lian, you need to cut off the pot, cut off the rotten roots, and then plant it into the new soil, and slowly maintain it. What to do: If it happens, you need to cut the branches at the top, insert it into the new soil, and re -cultivate.

How to do Rena Lotus rotten roots is a taboo for plant growth. Once the rotten roots occur, the consequences are unimaginable.

Rhina Rhodium occurred, mostly caused by improper watering, and the soil drainage was not smooth. Therefore, we need to pay attention to reasonable watering in daily maintenance. Do not have too much water. Do not have stagnant water. In addition, you need to choose a loose and breathable soil, and the drainability of the soil is better.

What to do with Lina Lotus is not easy to grow succulent plants, but if it is not well maintained, it will still cause long -term.

Generally, in the growth season, improper watering and insufficient sunshine time will cause Lina Lian to become apprentices. Therefore, water management needs to be done well, the light must be sufficient, and the environment is to maintain a ventilated environment.

What to do if Lina Lotus rots if it is not operated properly when watering, the water is poured to Lina Lotus’s leaves or the center part of the plant, or the water stays in the leaves to stay in the leaves. Time is too long, which will cause Rina lotus to rot.

Be sure to pay attention when watering Lina Lotus, do not water, water or spray.

How to do the Lina Lotus stalls in Lina lotus leaves compact and look more beautiful. If it is not well maintained, it will lead to the Lina Lotus stall. The value of ornamental is reduced.

Why did Lina Lian boost big cakes? The main reason is insufficient light. Lina Lotus likes the sun. In addition to the time when the light is strong in summer, it needs to be appropriately shaded. The rest of the time can be given full -day. Once the light is insufficient, it will affect the plant type and spread the big cake. Therefore, when breeding Lina Lotus, you must ensure sufficient light.