Frequent problems and solutions of Silk Flower Maintenance

What to do with rotten roots: If the rotten roots occur, you need to remove the pot, cut off the rotten roots, and then plant it in a new soil for maintenance. What to do if the pink disease occurs: first cut off the sick leaves, and then spray the entire plant and soil with a bacteric agent to remove the germs.

How to trim the silk flower trimming is an indispensable link for breeding filament flowers. The main purpose of trimming silk flowers is to promote the good growth of the silk flowers and make it beautiful.

One of them, in order to make the silk flowers grow and bloom better, you need to trim the silk flowers and trim in summer, mainly to trim the flower branches of the filament flowers, and cut off the excess flower buds; after the flower The trimming is mainly to cut off the residual flowers, which can reduce the consumption of nutrients and promote the filament flowers again. Usually you need to trim the long branches, dense branches and withered branches, and sick branches that can be trimmed. It can strengthen ventilation and light transmission, promote the healthy growth of silk flowers, and trim. The chance of pests occur.

Second, the trimming silk flower is to make it beautiful.

Whether it is trimming the long branches, dense branches or sick branches that affect ornamental, and the fades of disabled flowers, excess flower buds are eliminating the adverse factors that affect the ornamental of silk flowers. You can reasonably trim the shape of the silk flowers according to your own wishes.

What to do if the rotten rotten roots of the silk flowers will affect the growth of the plant, and the silk flowers are no exception. Essence

The rotten roots are mostly caused by water accumulation in the soil, so when breeding the silk flowers, you need to pay attention to the moisture of the soil and do not have stagnant water. Pay attention to drainage in the rainy season to avoid rotten roots.

The pests and insect pests that occur during the pests and pests of silk flowers are mainly white powder, dark spots, and anthracnose. Some pests need to be sprayed in time for prevention and treatment. Specifically, you can refer to the pests and insect pests and its prevention and treatment of the silk flowers.