Common problems and solutions of perfume grass

What to do if the leaves are yellow: If the leaves of the perfume grass become yellow, you need to cut off the yellow leaves in time, and then change it to the warm semi -yin. What should I do if the pests occur: if it has a pest, it needs to cut off the diseased leaves first, and then spray it with the corresponding insecticides or bacteric agent for treatment.

The reason why perfume and grass leaves are yellow, and the reason why the leaves and leaves are yellow is the problem of dry humidity. Perfume grass likes a moist growth environment. In the strong growth season, the soil is required to keep the soil moist. If it is too dry or wet, it will cause the leaves of the perfume to yellow and even fall off. Therefore, watering grass needs to control water to avoid leaves yellow.

Perfume grass leaves are yellow, and may also be caused by light and temperature. The temperature is too high and the light is too strong, which can easily lead to the burns and yellowing of the leaves of the perfume grass. Generally, in summer, the light is strong and high temperature, which is easy to dry the leaves of the perfume grass. You need to place the perfume grass in a ventilated and cool place, cover and cool down.

How to do more perfume and grass disease in perfume grass pests, and the pests and grass diseases are less. During the maintenance process, it is prone to occur in paulse insect harm and need to be controlled in a timely manner.

How to deal with perfume plant aging in the perfume plants will occur after a few years of breeding, and the plant aging will occur. The position of the position continues to move up, and the lower part of the plant will become bare. At this time, the plants of the perfume grass will make the posture not beautiful because the branches are soft and the old plants are scattered. Therefore, the perfume grass is generally used as a one -year or two -year plant cultivation. After the plant is aging Breeding new plants.

How to do the rotten roots of perfume grass rotten roots is the most obvious reason is that too much watering, too humid soil, which causes rotten roots. This needs to work hard from watering, watering reasonably, and strengthening the environment of the environment. In addition, the rotten roots of perfumes may also be due to the invasion of pests. Pay attention to the prevention and treatment of pests.