Common problems and solutions of moth butterfly flowers

How to manage in winter: In winter, the moth butterfly flowers should be kept at a warm position above 0 ° C. Do not make the temperature below -3 ° C, otherwise it may be frozen. What to do if the diseased and insect pests are: if it occurs, the diseased leaves need to be cut in time, and then spray the corresponding potions for treatment.

The winter tube of the moth butterfly flowers is very important for plants. The winter tube of the moth butterfly flowers is to pay attention to a temperature problem.

Moth butterfly flowers can be cold-resistant. Generally, moth butterfly flowers can resist -3 ℃ low temperature. When breeding moth butterfly flowers in winter, insulation measures are required. In the warm room, if possible, you can put it in the greenhouse and need to be carried out before the temperature drops to 0 ° C.

In winter, the temperature should be kept above 0 ° C. The temperature at night should not be too low, and it is too low to return to the moth butterfly flower plant to grow slowly and bloom late. If the temperature in winter is below -3 ° C for a long time, it is prone to frost damage. It is to cause the moth butterfly flower leaves to be deforming, and the flower buds may appear dumb.

The diseased pests of the moth butterfly flowers and the diseases that are prone to the prevention of moth butterfly flowers are mainly nuclear disease and gray mold. Nuclear disease will infect the stems and leaves of the butterfly flowers of the moth, which is rotten by the stems and leaves, which will cause the whole plant to die in severe cases. Gray mold is mainly infected with flower buds, and the value of ornamental value will be reduced. When the moth butterfly flowers occur, the disease needs to be removed in time to prevent further the disease from expanding.

Moth butterfly flowers will have the harm of pests such as aphids and refueling. Treatment should be treated in time when you find pests, and you can spray tapeworm phosphorus for treatment.

The plant type of the moth butterfly flower’s plant type controls the plant type of the moth butterfly flower, which can make the moth butterfly flower have a better ornamental effect. Generally, it needs to make the plant shape plump and branches.

The plant type that controls the moth butterfly flowers is mainly dwarfed and pulling pots. It also needs to maintain good ventilation during maintenance.