13 reasons for the deciduous leaves of the fortune tree

Thirteen reasons for the deciduous leaves: too much watering should be controlled immediately; drought and dehydration should be controlled, and a small amount of watering should be transferred to normal watering. Re -planting; hot and high temperature, placed in ventilation and cool places; excessive shade, occasional astigmatism; soil and soil, switch to acid soil, etc.

Thirteen reasons for the deciduous leaves of the fortune tree 1. Watering the fortune trees too much, the potting soil is too humid for a long time, causing hypoxia in the soil, roting some of the roots, hindering normal breathing and moisture nutrients Absorption causes the leaves to fall off. After the victim, the young leaves become pale yellow, and then the old leaves gradually become yellow. Watering should be controlled immediately, fertilizing, and often loose soil to make the soil ventilation.

2. Drought and dehydrated. Flowers are leaking water or watering for a long time (that is, dry and dry), which affects the absorption of nutrients, and it is also easy to cause the leaves to be dark and lustrous, and the leaves are drooping. First, the old leaves are aging, and gradually fall off from bottom to top. At this time, a small amount of watering and spraying water are needed to gradually recover and then switch to normal watering.

3. Fortune tree has long been fat. It has been deficient in nutritional elements such as ammonia fertilizer or soil and soil in the soil, which leads to thin and weak branches and leaves, thin and yellow leaves. It is necessary to pour the basin in time and change to the new loose and fertile culture soil to gradually add thin rotten liquid fat or composite flower fertilizer.

4. Excessive fertilization of the fortune tree. Excessive fertilizer will appear thick -leaf hypertrophy and unevenness. The old leaf dried and scorched yellowing should be stopped immediately. The amount of watering should be stopped to increase the amount of watering. Plant it in the pot again.

5. The hot and high temperature of the fortune tree. In summer, if you put the cool and cool flowers (such as a fermery, the golden bell, and the four seasons of the seasons), place it in a high temperature to make the strong light straight, which will easily cause the tip of the young leaves and the leaves to fall off. Need to move to a cool place in a good ventilation in time.

6. The shade of the fortune tree is excessive. If the flowers of the sunlight are placed in the shade or where the light is insufficient for a long time, the branches and leaves will yellow.

7. The soil and soil of the fortune tree is partial. Soil and water in most areas in the north contain more salt containing salt, planting acidic soil flowers, such as rhododendron, tea, laughing, gardenia, orchids, white orchids, osmanthus, etc., due to the lack of soluble iron and other elements that can be absorbed by it. The leaves will gradually become yellow. When planting, acid soil should be used, and alum fertilizer water is often poured during growth.

8. Fortune trees are not ventilated. If there are too many nitrogen fertilizers, the branches and leaves grow in lushness, and the long -term unlimited trimming, resulting in insufficient light in the inner bore branches, which can easily cause the leaves to yellow and fall off. Fertilization and trimming should be made reasonably to ventilate it.

9. The air of the fortune tree is dry. When the indoor air is too dry, some flowers with moist environment, such as hanging orchids, orchids, often appear dried or scorched leaves. Pay attention to the method of spraying water, plastic film cover, etc.Increase air humidity.

10. The temperature of the fortune tree is improper. The room temperature in winter is too low, and the high -temperature flowers are often vulnerable to cold, which causes the leaves to yellow, and it is yellow to die in severe cases. If the room temperature is too high, the plant steaming effect is too full, and the supply of water nutrition in the root will also make the leaves yellow. Please pay attention to adjust the room temperature in time.

11. The soil of the fortune tree is acidic. The red loam soil in the south is acidic, magnesium, etc. are prone to loss. Flowers and trees that are resistant to pheasant or taller soil, such as oleand, yuk, and spring, etc., it is often prone to losing green and yellowing between the veins of old leaves. Calcium magnesium phosphorus fertilizer or spray magnesium sulfate solution.

12. The diseased and insects of the fortune tree are harmful. The leaf spots caused by fungi such as fungi and other germs can easily kill the leaves of the leaves, yellow spots or plaques, and fall off the leaf dry yellow in severe cases. Worms, red spiders, etc. are harmful, and the leaves will become local yellow, and even leaves wither.

13. The strong stimulus of the fortune tree. The use of pesticide concentrations when preventing diseases and insect pests is too large, or toxic gas pollution in the atmosphere, or suddenly watering cold water when the temperature is high. Therefore, pay attention to the use of pesticides reasonably to try to eliminate the source of air pollution. Avoid flowing flowers with cold water around noon. In the end, it should be mentioned that the yellow leaves of the pot flowers are sometimes caused by a reason, but it is often caused by a variety of factors. The correct diagnosis should be made to prescribe the right medicine.